What to Know When Shipping a Vehicle

There are many occasions when Car Shipping is a cheaper and more practical alternative to driving a vehicle a long distance. The industry offers a variety of options of transport choices, what can be transported, and cost factors. Arranging for auto shipping is a fast and easy process that can be initiated right online. Discovering what is offered and the benefits of car shipping can help individuals and businesses decide if the service right for their needs.

Transport Choices

There are three choices regarding the mode of transportation desired for the vehicle. An enclosed trailer is the ultimate option that is typically used for vehicles of high value. Vintage Rolls Royce cars, custom built motorcycles, antique Model-Ts, and luxury sedans are examples of what can be found in enclosed trailers. The component to know here is that vehicle shipping in this mode will take longer to accomplish. There are usually waiting lists because there are not enough enclosed trailers to meet the demand.

Open Car Shipping is offered in two versions. Owners who prefer not to have other vehicles loaded above their vehicles can request open car hauling on a single deck truck that has a flat bed. Vehicles are secured to the truck while exposed to the elements and the open road. The most cost-effective version is open transport in an ordinary trailer with either two or three levels onto which cars are loaded and secured.


Exposure to the road is less than the exposure experienced if the vehicles were driven. Think about it for a minute. Vehicles are not directly on the pavement so dirt being splashed up onto the side of the car or truck will not occur. Any flying rocks are more likely to hit the frame of the trailer than any vehicle, and rain or snow will be whisked off by the wind. Another reason not to worry is that vehicles are covered with insurance as soon as they are secured to the frame.

What Can Be Transported?

The short answer to this question is just about any type of vehicle whether it runs or not. Motorcycles, cars, vans, SUVs, pickup trucks, jeeps, and trucks are transported. Larger vehicles, such as limousines, extended and custom trucks, recreational vehicles, and boats can be transported as well. The process takes only three steps and can be started online.

Answer some basic questions about the vehicle and the trip to get an accurate quote. If the quote is acceptable, book the transport and leave a deposit. Have the vehicle and the keys ready when the driver arrives to load the vehicle. At the destination, the balance of the cost is given to the driver, who produces a receipt and your keys.

Determination of Cost

Quotes provided are based on a number of factors. The size and condition of the vehicle, the distance traveled, and the destination are factors. If the vehicle does not run, for example, the cost is higher. A lower cost is quoted if the destination is a big city because there is easy access to highways. The mode of transport discussed earlier also contributes to the total cost.

The time of year is a factor that surprises some people. It is easier, faster, and safer to be driving a Car Shipping trailer when the weather is warm and calm than in the middle of a snow storm. This answer makes the factor clear for people shipping a car for the first time. Customers with questions can get them answered by experienced staff via live chat, email, or telephone so do not hesitate to ask. After careful consideration, people may decide to drive the vehicles and enjoy the road trips. If that does not strike your fancy, shipping is an excellent option. Visit Car Mover.

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