The type of hydrophobic coatings for glass employed has a lot to do with how long the glass coating will last. However, on a general note, most of the top quality hydrophobic coatings available in the market for sale these days will last an average of 6 months to one year, and this can as well be subjected to the climatic condition of the environment you stay, and how well you get to preserve the coatings, irrespective of all these having that time frame on your mind is workable for the duration of its lifespan before having to deteriorate. And just in case during the process of application of your hydrophobic coatings to your glasses, the due process of application is not well followed and the time for its longevity may be shortened. So, taking care of your hydrophobic coatings starts from the very day of application. Proper application of the coating materials is ensured from having to properly clean the surface where it will be applied to following the procedure of application and also using application tools such as applicants for ease.

Hydrophobic coatings for cars most of the time do not require a very serious or special cleaning procedure for their maintenance, even with the usage of any type of coating product. As long as the application process of the coating is thorough and you can find your glass coating’s ability to repel water you can always top it up with more of the same product for adequate maintenance, and this works perfectly for hydrophobic coatings. Rate of exposure to harsh weather conditions can as well hasten the degradation of your coating materials, as much as you can asides must form when your car is on the road moving from one place to another, a proper shade should be made as a parking lot when you are not using it, and that help to reduce the number of time it is exposed to harsh weather condition.

Also, the usage of harsh or strong detergent for washing your hydrophobic coatings surface can contribute to its wearing out in time. Once each of these conditions is put under proper check it gives allowance to the material to stay long and last well, and you may want to ask if investing in a hydrophobic coating for your car glasses is worth it? Considering the benefit you will get from this, especially when driving in the rain makes it worth it and it as well always ensures the cleanliness of your car screen.